Read First
Authenticating requests to PrizmDoc Cloud servers will require an API key.

HTML5 Document Viewing

Integrating the Viewer
Get started quickly with PrizmDoc Viewer by deploying a minimal app. Click below to view our sample source code on GitHub.
Viewer Configuration
Once you've integrated the viewer with your web application, learn how to configure it to meet your needs.
Customizing the Viewer
PrizmDoc Cloud offers several ways to customize the viewer UI, from quick integrations with minimal configuration to complete control using the Viewer API. This section explains how to reorganize menus, add/remove tabs, and customize the look of the viewer.
Viewer API
PrizmDoc renders over 50 different file format types with high fidelity speed. Display a wide variety of document, web, email, CAD, medical & image formats right within your browser via HTML5 viewing.
Annotations in the Viewer
A complete suite of annotation tools including text commenting, image stamps, highlights, hyperlink & polyline annotations, and more.
Watermark API
Add a watermark to label sensitive documents, protect intellectual property, or convey the status of a document.

Rest Web APIs

File Conversion
Convert dozens of supported document and image types to PDF, SVG, JPG, PNG, or TIF.
Retrieve text from scanned documents and images with options to export as plain text or searchable PDF files.
Users can automatically or manually redact a term or whole pages within the document and also search for a term and redact the search results.

Forms & E-Signature

Template-Based Forms
Document owners have the ability to create text fields directly in the viewer, producing forms that can be signed or completed digitally.
Form Field Detector
Automatically detect form fields within PDF AcroForms and image files, creating fillable forms that are simple to fill out and sign.
Digitally sign and date documents without printing and scanning.

Image Processing

JPEG Compression
Compress JPEG Images online