HTML5 Document Viewing

Embedded into your application, the Document Viewer API provides document viewing and processing functionality to your users

Seamlessly integrate the HTML5 viewer into your software

  • Responsive Web UI
    • Our sample viewer scales to fit: desktop, laptop, tablet or phone
  • Configurable options
    • Disable tabs, localization, rendering options, encryption, default tool settings, and predefined search
  • UI code can be modified to suit your customization needs
    • Match the look and feel of your website or application
  • Large Document Support
    • Minimize load time and optimize performance for viewing and searching large documents over 1,000 pages
  • Microsoft Office (MSO) Conversion
    • True native viewing of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents
    • Help users meet compliance requirements as well as overcome fidelity issues when working with Microsoft Office (MSO) files
  • Search
    • Fixed search terms, proximity search, predefined search all with hit highlighting
    • Use the search feature in conjunction with the Content Redaction API to programmatically redact sensitive data automatically
      • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
      • Protected Health Information (PHI)

    Customize the document viewer via the API to control which functionality your users can access

  • Augment, customize, or automate end users’ viewing client experience
  • Page navigation
  • Events
  • Zooming and fitting content
  • Markup saving and loading
  • Searching document text
  • Printing
  • Getting page and document attributes