Content Conversion

Convert dozens of supported document and image types to PDF, SVG, JPG, PNG, or TIF. Try our docx to pdf conversion for free.

Convert A DOCX to PDF (limit 10mb)

Customize Conversions to Meet Your Output Needs

Customize the conversion API to suit your application's needs. Here are some of the options you can control

  • Split multipage documents into individual files
  • Combine individual pages into one multipage document
  • Convert specific sections or entire files
  • Customize the header and footer with Bates numbering
  • Manipulate the file size when converting to raster
  • Encrypt classified information with passwords
  • Convert single-page Word documents to scaled PNG images
  • Convert multipage Word documents to multiple PNG images
  • Convert image types from JPEG to PNG
  • Combine multipage, password protected documents into one multipage PDF
  • Combine specific pages from two multipage documents into one multipage TIFF
  • Add dynamic page numbering and page count with optional zero padding within header and footer