PrizmDoc Cells

Enable your application to separate proprietary spreadsheet logic and calculations from user inputs and outputs.

Eliminate End-User Handling of Spreadsheets to Secure Intellectual Property

PrizmDoc Cells is a browser-based spreadsheet viewer and editor designed to natively support XLSX files and easily integrate into your existing application or system solution. Eliminate common Excel problems including version control, security, and error propagation by removing end-user access to your proprietary source files, encrypting the data, and hosting it securely in your own environment.

Enable your application to:

  • View XLSX documents as they would appear in the native application
  • Edit cell content like values and existing formulas
  • Add new formulas and recalculate dependent formulas
  • Insert/delete and resize rows and columns
  • Change cell formatting
  • Insert/delete notes
  • Display embedded graphics
  • Support protected sheets with locked/hidden cells