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Get started with our Documentation

Below is a functional example of how to quickly get started with our conversion technonolgy using our new Node.js module.(Java and C# equivalents coming soon)

Get started with our Node.js helper on GitHub

npm install @accusoft/document-processing-helper --save

Example of usage [Docx to PDF]

const Helper = require('@accusoft/document-processing-helper');

async function main()  {
  const documentProcessingHelper = new Helper({
      prizmDocServerBaseUrl: '',
      apiKey: 'YOUR_API_KEY'

// Initialize a conversion
  const output = await documentProcessingHelper.convert({
    input: 'input.docx',
    outputFormat: 'pdf'

// Download the output and save the file
  await output[0].saveToFile('output.pdf');

Not using Node.js? View our official documentation for use with other languages as well as advanced features.