PrizmDoc Editor

Enable your application to dynamically assemble and modify DOCX files with no Microsoft dependencies.

Generate, Manipulate, and Export DOCX Files Without Running Word

PrizmDoc Editor is a web-based integration solution to handle programmatic document assembly and rich-text editing directly inside applications. Use our flexible set of APIs for custom document controls to:

  • Load DOCX file
  • Find and replace text
  • Retrieve raw text of the main body content
  • Modify content, style, and formatting
  • Track content changes
  • Insert/delete comments
  • Resolve/unresolve comments
  • Return information about the comments in a document
  • Download edited documents as new DOCX files

Address end-user needs like streamlining contract creation or reducing turnaround time for legal document collaboration. Keep customer data on your servers to ensure compliance, and white-label under your own brand.