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Macintosh metafile formats like PICT were the original metafile formats for the first Mac and Macintosh II. They allowed for image interchange between Mac apps such as QuickDraw. Now that PDF is the the native format for Mac computers, converting .pict and related files makes for better storage, sharing, and viewing across Windows, iOS, Android and Linux platforms.


For graphic designers and digital asset managers that do a lot of work with photos, screenshots, or other graphics, converting PNGs to scalable vector file types like SVG is a common activity. PrizmDoc ensures the conversion does not cause any loss of quality or precision from the original.
*When converting muti-page documents to JPEG, PNG, or SVG file formats, only the first page of the document will be converted. THIS IS A DEMO ONLY RESTRICTION. The full featured product allows you to dictate how multi-page documents are converted.